Saturday, December 11, 2010

man, it's been a while

I forget to write in here and my other blog. My brain isn't what it used to be. I forget lots of things. I make lists and lose them. Now that's scary.

Okay, update....forget weaning off the Methadone. The Nurse Practitioner says as long as I'm only taking 0.25 of the Xanax they can leave me on 40mg of Methadone. Hallelujah! Though lately it's certainly not pulling its weight like before, I'm still very thankful for the relief I do get. I fully realize that the docs don't have to give me such powerful drugs even though I am in life-altering pain. I'm grateful I found a pain doc who isn't opposed to the use of narcotics for pain management when it's necessary.

I've been feeling so icky lately I kinda slacked off on the exercise. Now I have this wonderful cold that's moving down into my chest and if I got on my bike I'd be hacking my lungs half out. I think I'll make myself get on there tomorrow though and do half an hour anyhow, even if I do it on the lowest setting and don't last the hour I usually do. Anything is better than nothing, eh?

I know this is discombobulated. I just don't have the ability to focus very much right now. My pain level is going up and I'm gonna have to go pop a Vicodin again before it gets out of control.

Thanks to everyone who reads and leaves supportive notes. I pray you have a nice holiday season.(did that sound PC enough?)

Merry Christmas and God bless you all. I appreciate you. You're in my prayers.