Monday, April 28, 2008

It's been a while

I haven't written for a while.

Things have been pretty much the same. I'm still not sleeping on a decent, regular schedule. It's more like a few hours at a time and then in between I'm always tired.

I'm also frustrated. I wish I could work. I'm tired of being close on money and having to watch pennies. The house payment will be late this week. It's only two days, but I don't like being so darn tight. I'd much rather be working and feeling like I'm doing something than sitting here and getting a check equal to one week's gross pay. That just really stinks.

My head still hurts. The past week or so it's been a little more than before, but I think it's an allergy thing. I dread making yet another appointment with yet another doctor; I see enough of them as it is.

While we're on that subject, I need to see a dentist, but with the facial pain I'm more than a bit apprehensive about that. I need to see my primary doc. I haven't seen her in 2 years or so.

The Methadone still has me swelling up. It's a lovely feeling. I feel like a cow.

I'm a bit depressed. I guess that's obvious.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

still not sleeping well

My sleep cycle is still a mess. I've decided to take it into hand one way or another.

Last night when I took my bedtime pain medicine I also took 2 extra strength acetaminophen and 30 mg of Restoril. I had managed to get everything done that needed doing and we were in bed by 10 o'clock. I fell asleep pretty quickly and slept straight till 3 when hubby woke me up. I made him breakfast and was asleep in the recliner almost before he left the house at 4:30 to head for work. I slept till 7:30. I'm still tired, but not quite as bad as I was. It's going to take some time to get it going, though. I have a lot of catching up to do.

Today I have to go check the mail and then go to the bank so I can get some cash for hubby's break at work. He doesn't use much - just about $1.50 a day. After that, I will come back, check for eggs, give the chickens fresh water, and then I'm going to take a nap.

It's hard when the meds you need for your pain keep you from sleeping and then you start suffering from that. One or the other....that's certainly a tough decision.

Other than that all the meds are working well. All I can say is it's about time.

Friday, April 04, 2008

can I get any more tired?

Man, I gotta get some decent sleep.

My driving is off, my thinking is screwy, and I keep nodding off sitting up.

I can't spell for beans.

I hate not being able to sleep. Even 30 mg of Restoril only gives me 4 hours. This is ridiculous.

I'm going to try and sleep. I need to sleep. I have to sleep. I'm starting to worry me.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

day 919

The new Methadone dose is working pretty well.

My sleep schedule is all screwed up but I guess I'm gonna have to live with that. I got a sample of Provigil but it's not FDA-approved for sleeping difficulty due to taking narcotics for chronic pain so the insurance says it won't pay. I'm going to appeal. It can't hurt. After all, I already don't have it. What can I lose?

They say to try Ritalin or Adderal or another stimulant. Yeah. That sounds like tons of fun.

On the upside the pain relief is decent enough I can do some sewing agian. That's nice.

Now it's time to fire the neurologist and get another one who doesn't think that just because I'm certifiably nuts I also have no pain issues at all. One doesn't necessarily mean the other.

I don't think they've figured that out yet.