Friday, January 11, 2008


Abby went with me on Tuesday to meet the new pain doctor.

We hit it off almost immediately. She's a wonderful person, full of energy and life and very caring and kind.

We ended up increasing the Methadone from 5 mg 4 times a day to 7.5 mg 3 times a day and if that works, we may increase it to 12.5 mg twice a day when I see her in a month.

I am so glad she's nice. Dr. P and I just didn't hit it off at all. He may be a nice enough person, but he's just not the doc for me. I didn't like him and I'm pretty sure he wasn't very fond of me, either.

The increased dose of Methadone is already making a difference. I'm sleeping better, not quite so photosensitive unless I get tired, and I don't seem to need the acetaminophen any more unless the day is going weird like yesterday.

She also has an office about 1/2 hour from here so instead of driving to the city to see her, I can go to her other office and we can do what needs to be done there. That also makes me very happy because while I'm quite competent at city driving, I detest it. Her other office is in a little town and it's right at the edge of town across the street from the hospital Norbert had his appendix out at and I won't have to go to Mapquest to get the directions.

Things are looking up.

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