Thursday, September 07, 2006

do you suffer from chronic pain?

I am going to attempt to put together an anthology composed of stories related by people in chronic pain.

These stories will tell people about how we feel on a daily basis, what we do to cope, the good people we've met along the way, the struggles we've faced finding decent health care and understanding physicians, discrimination we've faced in the workplace from people who don't understand a sometimes-invisible disease process, how we've kept the faith through the pain, and anything else we want to share with the world.

I am hoping this will give those who read it some insight into the lives of people who struggle with pain each and every day of their lives, and whose pain may never go away.

I am asking for interested people to write and submit their writings for inclusion in this anthology.

Here's the email address I set up specifically for chronic pain stories. Please understand that by submitting something to this address you are implying consent for me to use these stories *without your real name* in an anthology that will hopefully be read by people and help further the understanding of those of us who live with pain on a daily basis. I will edit these stories, not for content, but for grammar and spelling. I will keep a list of all who contribute and you will get a copy of the finished product if you wish to do so. It may take a while to get this done, so don't expect a completed anthology next week.

Chronic Pain Stories

Thanks in advance.

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