Sunday, September 10, 2006


I decided to have my daughter and grandsons over today despite my pain level. Hubby and his buddy from work went to Mark Twain Lake to go fishing and the Sundays they do that it is a very long and lonely day for me. My daughter's hubby had to work, too, so she dropped him off and brought the kids over and we spent the day together.

They are growing up so quickly!

I paid for the day, though. My head is giving me fits again. The ringing in my right ear is becoming a distraction. It's louder than it has been, and now I'm noticing that when my pain level goes up, the ringing goes up too. Sometimes it's almost like a yell in volume if not intensity, if that makes any sense.

Again, I'm sleepless. I'm wide awake and hubby is snoring away.

I got one of the room-darkening shades made for the kitchen yesterday. If I can, I'll get the other two done tomorrow, and then we can hang them and it should help a lot. I'm making valances to match them as well so it will look nice in there. The front is a dark green stripe with roosters on it. It has fusible interfacing in the middle, and then the back is a mid-burgundy marbled color. It should make quite a difference in the amount of light that gets into the kitchen and thereby into my photosensitive eyes.

Thursday I go to the new neurologist. I'm not looking forward to the ride into the city. Traffic bothers me and I don't know if I'll feel up to driving, and hubby isn't the best when it comes to taking directions. I'll have to really look over the map again and make sure I know where we're heading so I can keep him posted ahead of time.

I have enough meds to make it till Thursday morning if I don't get a flare-up. I'm hoping this new lady won't be stingy with the pain medicine. I don't need a lot; just enough will do.

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