Monday, January 01, 2007

New year, same hopes - day 452

I'm up early; it's just about 5 am. I've been awake for a while now.

I think I'm taking a little time to adjust to the higher dose of Methadone. I generally get a bit odd when he increases it. Besides, my self-imposed break from Prozac (one month) is over and I'm back on that now, too, so it may have something to do with it.

So now I'm up to 5 mg of Methadone twice a day and 40 mg of Prozac. I may have to change the time on that because I'm not sure if it's interfering with my sleep or not.

Starting tomorrow I'll be looking for a psychiatrist. My pain doc recommended I see one because of the psychology that accompanies chronic pain and the fact that it's becoming physically evident on my body with signs of possible OCD as well as depression and stress. Hey, if that's what he thinks I need, I'll do it. I knew it was coming anyhow.

I'm hoping maybe this year my disability will come through and we can breathe again. In the meantime, I'll do what I can and not do what I can't.

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