Thursday, August 30, 2007

day 705

Lord. My head is killing me again. The pain level is still high and nothing I do lowers it for more than a couple of hours. Now the sleeplessness is back, too.

I don't know how people who hurt more than this make it. It about drives me bats.

My concentration is affected. I'm concerned that if they don't get my pain under better control I'm going to have to hand over my car keys and stop driving. I'm worried about getting in an accident because I have trouble focusing and paying attention at times.

I can't believe that they say I should be able to work like this. I know we have a review in March already so I'm writing everything down. This way I have documentation. Maybe I should leave the spelling errors in as well, only my OCD won't let me. I'm fighting horribly with the keyboard tonight. I can't seem to get my fingers on the right keys no matter what I do. Thank goodness for spellcheck.

I can't stay online long anyhow...the screen light hurts my eyes.

All for the best, I suppose...

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Michelle-ozark crafter said...

I am so sorry you hurt so badly! i will pray for you. My hubby and I both are in pain almost daily and I have awful migranes too. huggles!