Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Another day, another doctor

I went to the new neurologist yesterday. He gave me a prescription for Indomethacin suppositories ~shudder~ to be used 3 times a day since I can't take oral NSAID's, and one for Neurontin. The suppositories aren't usual. They are only supplied in one pharmacy in the area and it's 50 miles from here. I called them this morning and they told me if I can get the doc to call the prescription in they will send them to me in the mail. What a great attitude! I like them already. The lady I talked to said it's not worth driving that far for one medication with gas prices the way they are these days. I didn't know pharmacies would still do that. I guess it's not all glitz and technology after all.

He's not sure it's ATN. He said we'll know more after I try these new meds and see how they work or don't work.

I guess in the meantime I can go get the Neurontin and start on that. I can only start one med at a time because of my tendency to have weird reactions to things - that way I know which drug is causing the problem if there is a problem.

He tested me with a cotton ball yesterday against the right side of my face and it left me with a killer headache. It was not pleasant but it did confirm that I have allodynia. I guess that's good because at least we know that component of things.

I just talked to the disability lady and she said they have everything they need...they're just waiting to hear from the people who make the decisions and that I'll hear from them about the same time the lady does. Now it's just a matter of waiting. I hate waiting. It's not my strong suit.

I'm learning, though.

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