Tuesday, February 14, 2006

A frustrating week

I've had a hard time already this week. My headaches the last two weeks have been worse than normal for me, and this week my neurologist dropped me like a hot potato after I cancelled some appointments because my head hurt too badly to sit in the van for an hour each way to go to some appointments where I'd see the doc for maybe 15 minutes. I gave as much notice as I could, but obviously dollar signs mean more to him than how I'm feeling so I'm off his list.

I did manage to get an appointment with a neurologist I know who is a bit closer than this guy was, and I'm pretty sure he's not gonna be pushing the intrusive stuff the other one wanted to try and rush me into. He'll start out with the benefit of having all the pertinent tests at hand, barring the spinal tap, of course, which they wouldn't reschedule till I saw the doc that won't see me...but I have a list of meds, and the MRI and MRA and CT results in my bedroom. I also have my latest labs.

It just frustrates the socks off me that doing what I was told to do and taking the meds when I was told to take them led to me getting dumped.

My daughters didn't like that doc, anyhow. They said he was arrogant and had a pushy know-it-all attitude, so maybe this was for the best. And, honestly, I didn't feel comfortable with him trying to pressure me into a rhizotomy and other things when he'd only been treating me for 3 months.

In the meantime the headaches have gotten more intense and frequent and the ringing in my ears is louder. The back of my head hurts more now than anywhere else most days. I'm having nightmares and talking so loudly in my sleep that I'm waking myself up. I don't like this.

Chronic illness sucks.

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