Thursday, March 06, 2008

the great sunglasses search part 2

The owners of the company that sent me the Cocoons and Vistana overRX sunglasses graciously sent me two more pair in an attempt to help me find a pair to fit over my glasses as well as one I can have prescription lenses put in so I can wear them without my regular glasses underneath.

The Aviator XL Cocoon sunglasses, incredibly enough, fit! They cover the glasses and arms without pinching or weighing my own frames down so much that it hurts. I can wear them for over an hour without discomfort or a feeling of pressure on my head and face.
Hubby does have one pair of Fitovers that is lighter than the Cocoons but they are too tight for me. I am very pleased with the Cocoon Aviators and the fact that they actually fit and don't cause me discomfort.

The Cocoons Widelines are going to be perfect for putting prescription lenses in. They fit my face very well. The flexible armpieces are wonderful and easy to adjust so that they don't squeeze my head. I am anxious to find a dealer than can put prescription lenses in them. It will be nice to not have to wear two pair of glasses.

The UV blocking lens pieces on the sides of the frames are wonderful for anyone who is photosensitive. I really struggle outdoors if I don't have them on because the sun hits my eyes and it hurts.

I am very grateful to the people at Live Eyewear for going out of their way to make sure my eyes had the appropriate protection in the right size. I would recommend them highly to anyone looking for sunglasses to go over their prescription lenses in order to obtain the best product.

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Sara said...

That's awesome that they followed up and got something for you that will work for you. :-)

Glad to hear the search is finally closing. :)