Friday, May 12, 2006

in a rut

I'm on vacation from watching the boys this week. I needed a break and my daughter's schedule worked out so I could have the week off.

We're trying Elavil now. I already know I can't take it at night. If I do, I can't sleep. Between it and the Atarax I'm on for my rash, I'm a mess of sluggishness and slothful feelings. I don't have much energy.

I had to reschedule the neuro appointment. I got stuck in traffic and would have been too darn late so I go on Wednesday of this week instead. If he doesn't have any valid suggestions with this appointment I'm going to switch docs again. I need someone who is going to work with me and try to at least get this under control. I know it's not a curable thing. I just want to tolerate it.

I've been fighting depression this spring. Hopefully the Elavil will help with that, too. It's certainly affecting my appetite. Things don't taste right. This could be a good thing.

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