Wednesday, December 05, 2007

day 802

I really don't feel like going to Columbia today to see that pain doctor. I hate to cancel again, but I think I might put it off till after the first of the year. It takes so much energy to see a new doctor and start all over again with the paperwork and tests and questions and explanations...and after the fiasco with the other doc there, I'm just not sure the extra gas and time is going to be worth my effort.

I'm pretty much at the stage now where I just want to give the new doc at the old pain doc's office a chance first since I know that place and I won't have to go through all that stuff one more time. She may prove to be more humane than the other doctor. If not, I can always look further.

My energy level is pretty low right now and I'm moody and grumpy and I just want to sleep all the time. I'm making myself do things but I'm only doing that so I don't turn into a vegetable.

I hate being sick. I'm tired of being sick.

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