Wednesday, March 29, 2006

thinning out my schedule

I keep having to cancel things thanks to my stupid headaches. I've had to call my mom 3 or 4 times now and tell her it's not a good time for her to come visit. I can't handle having someone in the house all the time when my head hurts. Hubby, yes; but nobody else. He's quiet and supportive and considerate and doesn't do anything unnecessary, and fortunately we see the same things as being necessary. My mom, by virtue of her age and her own routines, does things more noisily than we do, and in a different time frame.

Next week I go see the pain management docs. I have 2 appointments back to back. They are supposed to send me some paperwork to fill out ahead of time. I'm hoping it's at the post office tomorrow when I go to check the mail. I also need to send off a few things while I'm there.

I'm hoping they can find a way to help me control this pain without gorking me out. I'd like to help out my daughter by watching the boys when her schedule overlaps her husband's since they charge a small fortune for day care these days even if you only need someone for a few hours...and I can understand the caregivers need a steady income, but for a couple living pretty much hand to mouth already, $125 a week for part-time care is insane. If I can function on the meds, I'm going to watch the kids even if she has to bring them here. I'm holding to that thought.

My head still hurts from my interaction with the rake today. Still, all in all, it felt good to do some yard work and see some concrete results from it. I know the plants are happier, and they'll grow better with all those leaves cleaned out from around them. I knew it was going to give me a worsening headache. I chose to do it anyhow. I can't stay in the house my whole life. It would kill me.

I'm thanking God for the Vicodin right at least gets the pain back to a tolerable level on most of the bad days.

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