Friday, September 21, 2007

blast it all

Darn pain doctor....I really don't like that man.

First off, he tells me that increasing my Methadone dose to 20 mg a day, which he is doing very very very reluctantly, puts me in danger. It's bad for my health. He insists I see a dentist because it can mess with my teeth. That's a new one. I tell him when I have the money I'll go to a dentist. I can't pay for a cleaning and inspection and neglect the house payment.

Then he says I have the WORST case of PTSD and anxiety he's ever seen and asks if my psychiatrist has suggested hospitalization.

Why? Because I'm in so much pain I'm crying again?

Because I'm picking at the sores on my arms like I've done for 35 years?

Because I'm stressed?

No. Really???? I'm stressed because I hurt. I don't hurt because I'm stressed.

I reminded the dork that I've had PTSD and OCD and Borderline Personality Disorder since I was, like 12, and functioned in society on a relatively even keel with it, even managing to raise 3 kids on my own and they all made it to adulthood in one piece. Those diagnoses have NOTHING to do with the fact that I hurt like blazes. I hurt. I need meds so that I don't hurt so much, so I can sleep, so I can function and vacuum my living room and sweep and mop the kitchen and fold the laundry. I don't want to go to Vegas or Mozambique or Paris...I just want to keep my house clean and not hurt so bad I can't spend time with my kids and grandkids.

He then mentions that he may not be the right doc to treat me because he's uncomfortable with such high doses of Methadone. High? 20 mg a day? Come on! This hint wasn't missed. I know where he's heading next. He hasn't said it yet, but I know what's coming the next time I see him.

So I came home and called the doctor of an online friend. This doc is in Columbia, another 45 minutes further from my house, but she is treating my online friend like a real honest-to-goodness person in spite of her pain.

I have an appointment with her on October 22 at 10:15. I'm hoping this lady and I hit it off because I'm running out of options here. I know that Dr. Toad wants me off the Methadone. He still won't give me anything for breakthrough pain but the Tylenol. He, like the neurologist, thinks this is all related to my psych diagnosis...something which, amazingly enough, has not occurred to my psychiatrist, who sees the stress and anxiety as being aggravated by the pain.

So anyhow, for now I'm up to a whole whopping 20 mg of Methadone a day, in 4 5-mg increments. I know...I'm just the druggie of the month here, aren't I?

I'd like to do a few things to give him an idea of how I hurt. First, I'd bash him in the head with a baseball bat a few dozen times. Next, I'd take his family jewels and put them in a couple 2-inch C-clamps and tighten them as tight as I could. Then I'd walk out of the room for about 3 weeks and when I came back, I'd tell him he sounded stressed and suggest maybe he needed to be hospitalized for his psych issues. I'd give him some Tylenol for the pain and tell him anything stronger could have serious detrimental effects on his health.

Yep...there is a sadistic component to my BPD, and when I get mad, it comes out. Fortunately I never act on it...but I do fantasize a lot.

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Sara said...


There is hope - there are doctors out there that want to get to the bottom of it for chronic pain sufferers. *hugs*