Tuesday, January 03, 2006


So, do I buy food, or do I get medicine? I have two empty pill bottles here that need to be refilled, but we need meat and things to eat for the week.

I hate being broke.

Until the headaches kicked in like this, we were doing well. We had money in the bank, could afford to do what we needed, and had funds to help out the kids when they were in need. It's getting tighter and tighter the longer I go without working, and who knows when I'll hear anything about my disability application. I'm already looking for a lawyer in case they turn me down. We need the money it would bring in.

I haven't told hubby I'm not taking my meds. He'd get upset. One of them I can really do without at least till spring, but I do need to refill my potassium this week after he gets paid.

I wish I could sell some of my quilted stuff but I tried ebay and the people there don't want to pay for handcrafted things. They want cheap stuff. I can't say I blame them. I look on ebay for cheap things, too.

Hubby went back to work this morning. I was more than ready to see him go. After two 4-day weekends he was driving me bonkers. I love him to death, but he can really get on my nerves.

I think I'll start out the day with a nap. I'm tired after finishing those two crib quilts yesterday.

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