Sunday, January 15, 2006

this is what he wants to do next

"Radiofrequency trigeminal rhizotomy is effective for trigeminal neuralgia, a rare but severe cause of facial pain, according to a review of a large number of cases in the March issue of Neurosurgery. This procedure involves the insertion of a needle near the trigeminal nerve and the use of a radiofrequency-producing electrode to generate heat that damages the abnormally sensitive nerve, impairing its ability to transmit pain and other sensory information. Turkish researchers reported on over 1,600 patients treated by radiofrequency trigeminal rhizotomy over a 25-year period. Although 25% needed at least one repeat procedure, 92% said their pain had faded 5 years after the initial treatment. More than half of the subjects received complete pain relief after one procedure, according to the report. Possible complications include weakness or paralysis in facial muscles. Patients with trigeminal neuralgia are considered for surgical procedures such as radiofrequency trigeminal rhizotomy if their severe pain does not respond to medication." (from Headache News)

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