Wednesday, June 28, 2006


It's hard when you get to the point where you have to start giving up your independence in slightly bigger chunks. It's tough giving one of your grown kids a shopping list and the debit card so they can go buy groceries for you. I don't like what this is doing to me, but I know that if I want to have the energy later today to watch 3 active little boys that I can't go shopping, too.

The pain is still at a 3-4. I did take half an extra strength Vicodin this morning. I'm hoping I won't have to take another one but we'll have to play that by ear.

I need to call the neurologist and see if they can give me something for the chronic pain now that it's past where I can tolerate it for days at a time without taking breakthrough meds. I don't want to be eating Vicodin like candy. It's just not very appealing to me.

At least I have the blinds open today...for now...

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