Wednesday, June 21, 2006

hopping down the bunny trail again

Okay so this morning I made some phone calls like I promised hubby I would.

The pain clinic at Barnes won't see me without a referral and records.

The neurology clinic at Mizzou Hospital won't see me without a referral and records.

The neuro clinic at Barnes called back. I don't need a referral for them but they do pre-screen, so I just printed up records release forms for my current neuro, the old headache doc, and the place I had my scans done at. I'll mail them today or tomorrow and then once they get and review the records they'll give me a call.

Hurry up and wait...the story of my life.

My head is pounding today. I don't know if it's the stress, the muscle tightness in my neck, the sunlight, the humidity, the constant pain, or what. It's not like I have any predisposing issues.

The area just below my right eye has been twitching since I got up this morning. That's an interesting development. I hope it stops.

The ringing in my ears is especially loud today. Lovely.

I have 3 sleeping cats here. I think I'll go join them.

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