Sunday, June 04, 2006

bad choice - or not

I'm sitting here wishing I had taken the urge to come home and sleep when I got it instead of going to the mall with my daughter and the twins. I don't know why I ignored it.

My head is pounding, or is it pulsating? Anyhow, it hurts like the blazes. It started with the A/C blowing on my right cheek, which I know better than to let happen, and just accelerated as time went along until I got that wonderful stabbing sensation in my right eye socket.

I took Tylenol extra strength, 2 of them, but they're not touching the pain. One way I can tell is that I can't spell worth beans and that only happens when I hurt.

I hate to take the Vicodin again but I may have to.

At least I found some good deals at Penney's. I hadn't been able to find denim shorts in my size for the price I felt was reasonable to pay at WalMart and they had them marked down at Penney's to $9.99, which was $6 less than the cheapest ones at WalMart, so I got a pair. I also got a t-shirt with a gardening thing on the front for $4.99 and an outfit for my youngest grandbaby for $5.99.

It almost offset the outrageous price I had to pay for gas when I stopped to put some in the car.

I either need to get off here and take a Vicodin or take a nap. Maybe I should do both. It certainly wouldn't hurt.

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iamamyliz421 said...

Hello I also suffer from migraines. My neuro told me now I suffer from migraine without the pain just the neurological symptoms. I also get tingling and weird sensations with air blowing on my face.