Friday, June 30, 2006

can't think of a title

I'm in semi-darkness today. My eyes are bothering me.

I just took a Vicodin again. I only took one yesterday. It was really constipating me and I needed a *break* day so I could let the stool softeners do their thing. I couldn't hold off any longer, though. The pulsating feeling is winding up again.

I'm supposed to have company today. I'm seriously considering putting a note on the door telling them it's a bad head day and to come back another time. I'm wondering with part of my brain if they'd be offended and with another part of it I don't really care. I just want peace, and quiet, and no crying or fussing or demanding kids, and no pressure to be sociable.

The sink is filling up with dishes. I can't decide what to make for dinner. I'm not functioning well today.

I did manage to fold a load of clothes, put a load in the dryer, and put one in the washer. At least I can keep up with the laundry. Forget running the vacuum. My head just might explode at that one. Maybe I'll get to the dishes later, too.

For now I'm heading back to the couch to continue my backwards evolution into a potato.

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