Tuesday, March 20, 2007

day 530

The last two nights have been sleepless, and then all I want to do all day is sleep. This is not good. Hubby is sick and in the bedroom snoring. He needs his rest so badly because he has to work so I came out here.

I'm worried a bit about the hearing though I honestly don't expect a good outcome. I do hope for one, but I am far too much in touch with reality to think it's going to happen. I will give it my best though. There's always a chance.

I'm also concerned about the pain management doc and his reluctance to provide me what I need for adequate pain relief. It really bothers me and I'm afraid if I speak my mind to him he'll tell me to find someone else.

It really stinks being in this situation.

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RusticateGirl said...

Keep the faith on the hearing decision. You so deserve disability.

You have GOT to find a doctor who can champion your illness with meds. If you don't think this one is any good, can you find another? Try the online AFP and TN-related support message boards for some referrals. An understanding doctor is so critical to your situation.

I am sorry you are going through this.