Friday, March 02, 2007

day 512 - better

The psych doc said I'm having a major depressive episode. It makes sense now.

Tonight I started Celexa. We'll see how that goes.

He also gave me plenty of refills on the Xanax.

He wasn't very impressed with the neurologist's assessment of things. I don't think he agrees that if they drug me up enough I can go back to work.

I see him again in a month.

I hope this pill works. I'm really truly starting to feel like a guinea pig.

In other news, I filled out the papers for the attorney today. I guess they get 25% of back pay up to $5300 if you get approved by the first hearing and if you have to go past that the cap is lifted. At this point I really don't care. I just need to have something coming in besides bills. Hubby's not going to be able to work forever. He's 12 years older than I am. We can't live on just his social security, either. Something has to give. If I could work, I'd go back tomorrow. I just can't see it right now with the pain, lack of concentration, insomnia, and depression being what it is. It doesn't make any sense.

At least we're getting somewhere on the lawyer front. One step at a time...

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