Friday, March 30, 2007

day 540

My hearing is on Monday. I'm hoping the decision is favorable but based on the statistics I know I stand a high chance of being denied and having to take the next step in the process so I'm preparing myself mentally for that.

Tomorrow morning I start taking a whole dose of Lexapro. The side effects with the smaller amount have been minimal so I'm hoping I will tolerate the higher one.

My head is still hurting 24/7 and tonight I found out that driving in the dark is something I should avoid at all costs. I almost put the van off the edge of the driveway and into a cedar tree.

Adjustments of this kind for someone as fiercely independent as I used to be are difficult at best.

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daisymarie said...

oh my. giving up independence is really tough--especially driving. it's almost a surrender of freedom. thankfully the days are little longer.