Saturday, April 21, 2007

day 562

I went and saw the chiropractor yesterday.

She is very good. She put the stimulators on my upper back and neck and then did a lot of adjusting and pressure point stuff. I could feel the muscles relaxing while she worked.

The only thing I think wasn't a great idea was the ultrasound on my neck. I think it aggravated the occipital nerve she was trying to un-irritate.

However, I'm going back next week. It helped me relax enough to sleep really deeply last night and I just needed that break.

Today my head hurts a bit more than normal back where she did the ultrasound so that's why I think maybe doing that wasn't such a good idea. The rest of it was great, though.

By this time next week I should have my new glasses and my eyes won't be quite so tired. That should help, too. What didn't help was the cost, but I needed them, and we had a bit of extra money so Norbert agreed I should get them. I also ordered another pair of the larger Fitovers like the ones he already has so we'll both have a pair that fit us. Mine are just too snug-fitting; they pinch my head and it hurts. It ended up being like half the cost of adding Transitions to the lenses or getting prescription sunglasses and I like how they block the UV light on the sides, too, and have that top thing. It really helps when it's bright outside.

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