Wednesday, April 18, 2007

day 559

My right eye is very sensitive to light right now. It's been worse the last couple days than it has been in a long time. The light from the TV hurts it. Regular lamp light hurts it.

I need to get a glare reduction thing for the computer screen since I can't sit here long, either.

I'm hoping maybe when I get my eyes checked next week and get some new glasses it will help. I know I need new lenses. These don't work as well as they used to when it comes to smaller print and things that require intense focusing.

Other than that, everything seems to be going as usual. The Lexapro is still making me very tired and I end up sleeping half my days away. Still, I have enough energy to keep the dishes done, do some cooking every few days, and keep up with the laundry. I guess it could be worse. I'm hoping with time my body will adjust to the medication and it won't knock me out so much. It's hard to deal with falling asleep sitting up a couple times a day.

I'm not needing the acetaminophen as often and that's a good sign...or maybe I'm just adjusting to that pain, too. I think maybe if I took it a little more often the pain level wouldn't get as high as it does. I know the pain doc suggested I take it on a semi-regular basis but I don't want to stress my liver out.

I'm waiting now to hear from the Social Security people about my disability. I'm hoping the doc got the letter in on time and I get approved. However, just in case, I've scoped out a local lawyer who does disability and I'll retain him if I have to.

I guess that's it for now.

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