Monday, April 30, 2007

day 571

I felt good enough today to sweep and mop the kitchen floor using the real mop instead of a Swiffer. It really needed the work. The grandids spilled koolaid on it a couple weeks ago and it was sticky and had other spots from where my son spilled Gatorade when pouring it yesterday so he could have a drink while he and hubby were out taking a tree down in the yard.

I also did cleaning #1 on the side shed fridge. It's old and the people who gave it to us obviously didn't clean it after they emptied it out and there was mildew all over the seal and stuff. It is going to take another good cleaning before I can plug it in and then hubby can keep stuff to drink in it so he doesn't have to come inside when he's outside - it saves on power and that way his cold drinks are out there where he is.

The Methadone dosage is definitely better at 3 times a day than it was at 2. I can feel the difference. It's been months since I've felt up to doing 2 things in one day. Usually it's one or the other, but not both. I'm sleeping better, too. Actually, I'm still sleeping more than normal since it's only been a week that I've been on the increased dose, but I'm hoping that will improve with time. I know it takes a while to adjust.

I'm still waiting to hear something, anything from Social Security. I know it takes time. They're really slow. I'm hoping when the news arrives that it's good. I could use some good news about now. We could use the money, too. We have a lot of stuff around here that needs to be fixed and that money would surely help.

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