Thursday, July 20, 2006

overdid it

We've had company the last week and last night I ended up in the ER again for a couple of shots. I fought it for 2 days and finally I couldn't put it off any more so we headed into town about 9.

I'm not sure if doing too much triggers it, or being tired, or stressed, or if it just does what it wants, when it wants.

Hubby's so good to me...I know he worries about the pain and the fact that every time I have a flare-up the pain I'm left with afterward is higher than it was before I got the shot. He's very supportive and has indicated more than once that if he could, he'd take the pain from me.

The ER was busy - or as busy as they've been in a while in the small town we live near - and we had to wait in the waiting room, which about killed me. People just talk so loud and we've adjusted the volumes of things in our home so that they don't aggravate my pain; the TV was way up; there were cell phones ringing and one guy, bless his heart, probably couldn't have whispered if he wanted to. After they called him back the lady in registration turned the TV off for us. That helped some.

I took one of my pillows with me. It's comforting to have something familiar in a place like that and I don't like their pillows, anyhow.

This makes 3 times in as many weeks...enough is enough.

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