Monday, July 03, 2006


Apparently I have some nerve damage in my face in addition to the other stuff going on. The old-fashioned TV sets, the ones with picture tubes, had a high-pitched squeal to them that sometimes got louder the longer they were on. I have the sensation that someone took one of those sets, disabled the on-off switch, left it in the on position, put it inside my head, and then took off forever. I live with a constant ringing in my ears that gets louder when and where it chooses with no rhyme or reason.

If you add this to the pain I deal with all the time, it makes for quite a charming situation.

I need to call my neuro today and see if I can get in some time this week. We need to have a talk about pain medicine.

Again, my dreams of waking pain-free were dashed. I'm putting off the Vicodin as long as I can. I need to do some errands this morning. I don't like driving after I take those pills. I guess I'll pop a couple extra-strength Tylenol and see if they put a dent in it for me at least until I get home.

The Xanax interfered with my dreams again last night. I just love those dreams of going and going and never getting anywhere...

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