Sunday, December 25, 2005

Christmas Day

This morning I got up and my fingers looked like little sausages again. I'll be stopping the Tegretol till I can see the doctor. I'm not calling him on Christmas to tell him I'm having another weird side effect. It can wait.

I popped half an extra-strength Vicodin today an hour before the kids got here. It worked relatively well. I made it through an hour and a half before I started feeling like I'd had enough. I got pictures of the two separate families as well as of all the kids and grandbabies here together. I'll get some of those developed and send them to my mom as well as getting the kids copies, too.

The nerve on the upper right of my face...I think it's the trigeminal nerve...has become really agitated since I got those shots. Now it hurts if I open my mouth too far.

I tried the earplug gig again today. No way. The pressure from the earplugs is no fun, the ringing in my ears is louder than it is with them out, and I feel really strange with them in. I won't be doing that again. Also, it's like pulling teeth with tweezers trying to get the darn thing in my left ear. I don't know why but it keeps kinking up.

It feels weird not to have anything I have to sew. I'll start again tomorrow. I have things I can do; just nothing I have to do yet. Next week I start on baby quilts. 4 of them.

Note to self: pumpkin custard is good.

I'd just about commit a crime now for a day without pain. I keep hearing that word...lifelong...and that seems an awfully long time. Way long. Way too long.

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