Thursday, December 22, 2005

no job, no cure

So the doc fills out my paperwork this morning for a nonpaid medical LOA and puts the duration of the "disability" as lifelong. Bang. There goes my job in one fell swoop. I do have a chance to go back if things settle down, though...if, if, if...

Now he thinks I have atypical trigeminal neuralgia and occipital neuralgia. It's not face pain's deeper than that. It's hard to explain. It just hurts deeper than my face, like down into my head.

I'm starting on Tegretol tonight. We'll see how that goes. I'm a challenge for this doc because of my *extreme* sensitivity to drugs and stuff. I had to back off the Diamox dose he wanted me on because it dried me out so badly I felt I was dying of thirst. I stopped the Plavix because I had this massive nosebleed and then when I was just blowing my nose I had flecks of blood coming out.

What a sucky way to spend the holidays.

At least most of the gifts are done.

Gosh, my head hurts...and hurts...and hurts...does it ever stop?

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