Friday, December 16, 2005

nerve blocks

I got my first set of shots today.

They hurt like hell.

My head is numb but I'm still in pain.

I go for another set next week. If they don't start helping then, the doc won't have me do any more.

I got hot, and flushed, and felt dizzy, and nauseated, and felt like I was suffocating. The fact that I was in a tiny room with no actual circulation certainly didn't help as I am claustrophobic. After the doc opened the door and gave me something to fan myself with I felt a bit better.

I think the goal was to lessen the headaches. If that was the goal, it didn't work. In fact, my head hurts more today than it has for a few days now.

He wants me to up my potassium supplement to maybe help with the tingling from the Diamox. I told him I'm increasing it more slowly than he suggested to give myself time to adjust. He's okay with that.

The Christmas presents I've finished are sitting in the spare room. I don't have the ability to concentrate long enough to pack them up. I called my son and told him they might be late since I have to ship theirs to Florida. It's sad when they've been sitting there for over a week and they're still not even wrapped or in a box. This headache thing is really messing with my life.

I need to have paperwork done for work. I'm most likely going to lose my job. I can only get a 3-month non-paid LOA and I've already been out for 9 weeks, I think, or is it 10? At least I have the option of going back if I get this under control if I play the game right, though.

I need sleep. I can't get enough sleep lately. The dizziness hit last night and I spent over an hour sitting up in bed so I didn't feel like the whole world was spinning. The nausea didn't help, either. Doc says it could be an interaction between the Diamox and some of my 20-odd other meds, but he wants me to keep track of the symptoms and see if they get worse or go away.

Maybe I'll take an Ambien tonight...but what if *that* interacts with the Diamox?

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