Tuesday, December 13, 2005


I think I could deal with the headaches a little better if it wasn't for the tinnitus. I have an almost constant ringing in my ears that sometimes gets so loud I have a hard time hearing normal things. This started about the same time as the non-stop migraines did. It won't go away, either.

I need to remember to tell the headache doc about that when I go in later this week for my head shots.

I was hurting almost before I woke up this morning.

The Diamox is doing the nasty thing again. I woke up in the middle of the night with an incredibly strong sensation of tingling in my fingers and hands that was so intense it almost hurt. I'm not sure I can stay on this stuff. If it interrupts my sleep like that, and lack of sleep makes my headaches worse, is it really worth it? Another conundrum to deal with...

I've pretty much decided I'm going to put my migraine stuff in here instead of in my regular blog on OD. I feel better having a place just to vent about this without feeling like I'm spending all my time whining. This is a place to work things out with the help of words. It's a place to be who I am without feeling pressured to be anything but what I am.

I need to remember to reschedule my nerve block shots today. I also need to drag my butt out of the house long enough to mail the bills I can't pay online and check the post office box. I'm glad we have it because I don't have to worry about bored redneck teenagers beating up our mailbox any more, but it's a pain in the pants some days to have to go all the way into town to get the mail.

I need to go start tossing back my pills. I take enough of them to support a small pharmacy. If only they worked...

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