Thursday, December 29, 2005

Starting early

This migraine crap has my body in an uproar. I can't exercise because it increases the intensity of the headaches. I'm craving carbs like nobody's business. I've put on weight and I'm mad.

Lat night I talked to hubby and asked him to help me out by encouraging me when he saw me making good choices. This morning I got up and had a protein shake at 4. At 5, after he got up, I made him ham and eggs and I had some fried ham. At 8 I had another protein shake with my vitamins. I just now finished two pieces of string cheese. That's it...I'm back on the Atkins thing until I can get this carb crap under control. I need to get back in my 14's before summer. There's no excuse for this except I'm depressed, frustrated, and mad. That's no reason to undo all the hard work I had to do to get where I was. It's got to stop NOW.

I can't cut out the caffeine, though. My headaches get worse when I do that.

I'm gonna have to stop getting some of this expensive medicine that's OTC. The Migravent is 60 bucks a month. I've been on it almost 3 weeks and I haven't noticed a change. I can't be spending money we don't have on meds that don't work. If it helped that would be different. I do have to keep up my post-op vitamins so I don't go into malnutrition, so those are a priority. I had to order calcium and iron yesterday and that came to 35 dollars. Thank goodness I only have to do that about every 3 or 4 months.

My daughter said if she and her hubby get enough back on their taxes they want to buy the Olds from us. I'd take that money and put it toward the van loan and it would bring us down to like only 3 payments left and the van would be paid off. That would give us an extra $125 a month, plus our insurance would be cheaper. We're switching to The Hartford because with hubby being an AARP member it's taking our insurance down from $126 a month to $673 a YEAR. That's like a major difference in cost.

If we can get through the winter we'll be okay. I'm going to start making some things to sell, if I can sell them. Baby bibs, pillowcases, pincushions...the kinds of things I can sell at a craft fair that will go quickly and don't cost a lot to make. I'm also making some quilts for pay but most people don't want to pay what they're worth so I don't do much of that.

I think I'll make chili for supper. I can have a little dish of that and I'll be okay. I've only had like a handful of carbs today and they were in my protein shake so I don't count those.

Life is such fun...

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poody said...

I am a freak for quilts and would love to see what you are working on.