Tuesday, October 31, 2006

October 31 - day 389

Yesterday and the day before were bad head days. I took a DHE on Sunday, and yesterday I took 2 extra strength Tylenol for pain. I need to talk to the pain doc on Friday and see about getting something for breakthrough pain, though I'm not holding my breath that he'll give it to me. He seems to have a bit of an attitude about it all.

If I don't take the Xanax before bed, I have some really weird dreams. Last night I think I was just flat worn out and I don't remember dreaming at all. The two nights before that were strange indeed. Again with the chasing of never-quite-identified and ever-elusive something, with or without the assistance of weird people. I'm sure this has some significance but I don't want to even stress myself trying to figure it out.

Daughter has a job interview today. Her hubby will be staying home for a while until they get his seizures under control and he hasn't had one for 6 months. Until then, he can't drive. It's the law. She is also taking him to talk to the Medicaid people because when she applied for him they said they needed to talk to him. He made bread yesterday and took care of the boys while she was out looking for work. I'm hoping he gets approved for the Medicaid so he can get the MRI and EEG and maybe they can tell him what's going on with the pain and numbness in his left hand and arm. I'm concerned for him. He's awful young to be going through this, but I guess he's been having the seizures all along and his family kind of blew it off as "fainting spells." Deliberate ignorance blows me away sometimes.

It got warm enough yesterday that it's still okay in here even though it's getting colder outside. The heat hasn't kicked on yet, though I'm sure it will soon enough. We've got a front coming through.

I'm still waiting to hear about my appeal. It seems to take forever.

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