Sunday, October 22, 2006

trying again

This morning I took a quarter of a 5-mg Methadone pill. I wanted to give it another try before I gave up on it. I had a slight tingling in my lips, and I felt a little loopy, and my typing skills slowed way down, but it was nothing like I experienced last time. The pain relief is about the same as it was with the Vicodin.

6 hours later I took another quarter pill. The original order was for 1/2 a pill every 12 hours and I think maybe it was just too much for my body to handle. I'm still doing well as far as I can tell. I even managed to make dinner and didn't fry myself or burn the food.

I'm hoping...I refuse to give up hope. I'm an optimist at heart.

I'm going to take another quarter pill at 9:15pm and see how I do through the night. If all goes well, I'll do it this way again tomorrow.

I can handle feeling a bit loopy if it helps with the pain.

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RusticateGirl said...

I had called my Uncle this evening to verify a family member's address, since I was sending a birthday card. I asked how my aunt was and he quietly told me she had been in bed the entire weekend and the headaches were just unrelenting. I could tell by the tone of his voice that he wasn't in the mood for talking. The pain you all are dealing with is heartbreaking, please do no give up home and I hope the Vicodin does some good eventually.