Saturday, October 21, 2006

not gonna work

The pain doc put on my new Vicodin prescription to take 1/2 to one pill 3 times a day as needed instead of every 4-6 hours. Yesterday morning at 1045 I took a whole pill, figuring I'd give it a try. By the time the 8 hours was up, I hurt so bad I couldn't open my eyes. Even 3 hours after I took the next dose my level was only down to a 7. I can't do that again.

I forgot that I don't absorb meds right since my surgery and that long-acting drugs aren't long-acting with me because they don't stay in my tummy long enough to get the meds where they need to be. I was really hurting.

Poor hubby...he's so worried about me, and my oldest daughter called to check on me twice...I hate this.

I'm writing it all down in a spiral notebook and I'll be taking it to my appointment in 2 weeks. If the pain doc isn't willing to work with me and give me something to help with the ouch, I'm gonna have to give him his walking papers. He's not the one living with this...I am.

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