Saturday, August 19, 2006

drugs = ? me = 0

So last night, after giving myself 24+ hours to clear the Trileptal out of my system, I took one of the new sleeping meds they're advertising on TV - it's called Rozerem. I got samples from my neurologist.

I took it at 9:30, brushed my teeth, and went right to bed.

At 11:30 I got up, still wide awake.

At 1:45 I went back to bed, and finally fell asleep around 2:30.

So much for sleep.

Hubby didn't eat any breakfast because I didn't get up, even though I told him where the cereal was just in case he couldn't get me to wake up - not that he isn't perfectly capable of making his own breakfast, but he's not a breakfast person and if I don't make it, he'd rather not eat. He's diabetic, though, so I worry about him if he doesn't eat and then goes to work. His sugar was 128 though so he should be okay till his lunch break.

It looks like we'll be hitting the Methadone when I go back on the 1st of September to see the neurologist.

Oh well...

At this point any relief would be welcome.

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