Wednesday, August 02, 2006

pain bites

We took another trip to the ER last night.

It's amazing the things you notice when you go there at different times of the day and evening. The day crew tends to not be quite as grumpy. The doc I had last night was loud and bordered on obnoxious, trying to insist he do an exam of my tummy and liver before I got my shot. I told him I couldn't lay on my back...the back of my head was pulsating. He talked like I was deaf. Then, in spite of me telling them what helps me when they asked, they tried to get by with half the amount of Phenergan. Sorry...I know what the Dilaudid does to me, and how nauseated I get with it. I told the nurse to get me more unless she wanted me puking on my way out the door.

It took a bit longer to kick in last night, and didn't last quite as long, but it did what I needed it to helped me relax enough to sleep and not care how much I hurt.

2 weeks till I see the neuro again...

I've already started the pain meds this morning. I'm hoping today will be better than yesterday was.

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