Wednesday, August 16, 2006

trying something new(er)

The doctor visit went well. We talked about the progression of my pain and how the Vicodin isn't working as well as it did before, partly because the pain is more frequent and intense. I let him know again about the ringing in my ears, the sensitivity to sound and light, and the need to hit the ER for shots.

He wants me to try Trileptal and see if it helps.

He also gave me that new sleeping pill called Rozerem to try, but I can't start that till I've been on the Trileptal for a few days so I don't get side effects confused.

If the Trileptal doesn't work, we're going to try the Methadone. He was open to talking about it and says it may do the trick; he has other patients who take it and it works well for them.

So, we'll give the new(er) med a try and see how it does. I'm open to just about anything at this point.

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