Saturday, August 26, 2006

found some help

I am hypersensitive to light. It makes my head hurt.

Yesterday I bought 2 new room-darkening shades and we found an old one we had purchased and then not used out in the garage and now the kitchen has been darkened. It's much better because these blinds don't just filter light; they keep it out. Or at least, they keep out more than the other blinds did.

Those blinds are still in good shape so we're giving them to my oldest daughter for her mobile home. The blinds they have there aren't in such good condition.

I also ordered, earlier this week, these sunglasses called "Fitover" sunglasses. They do just over prescription glasses. When hubby found out I was getting some for me, he asked for some for him, too, so I ordered a pair for both of us. They arrived yesterday.


I can go outside in the daylight and not feel like my head is going to explode from the intensity of the sunshine. I fed the fish and the sun was reflecting on the water and it was okay. It's been a long time since I could do that while the sun was still relatively high in the sky.

These glasses have little side lenses, too, so the sun doesn't grab you from beyond the edges of your frames, and they have the things that keep the sun from pouring in over the top. I am really glad we invested the money in them. I have to keep the link I got them from so if I ever need another pair I can get them.

Hubby is pleased with his as well. I sent a letter to the company thanking them for making such a good product.

My head hurts today about the same as usual, but I'm trying to take it really easy so I can spend some time with my grandsons this afternoon. They're a special part of my life and I like to be with them whenever I can.

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