Friday, August 04, 2006


you are my constant companion
with me each moment of every day
never ceasing to remind me
of the fragility and the preciousness of life

the pain you have given me
drives me to cherish the smallest things
the times with my loved ones, now all too infrequent
touching my life in a deeper way than ever before

I have questioned myself, my motives and actions
trying to discover the root, the cause, the reason
only to find that you are as random as the wind
striking whom you will, where you will, when you choose

there is no preventive measure I could have taken
there is no cure in the annals of medicine
only a hope for relief from the constant pain I live in
a hope that drives me to try yet one more medication, one more treatment

to spite you, I will not give in to depression
I will not let your presence steal from me who I am
instead, I will make the most of each second I've been given
and in the hard times, I will cling to that which is good

you will not win
you will not take my life
you may grab at my livelihood, my possessions, my ability
but who I am will always shine through the pain

torture me if you must
leave me writhing in agony, crying out for relief
still my spirit will be there, fighting you
I will fight you with my last breath

I will not give in to you

1 comment:

Alexander Coyle said...

You are a poet. That's better than good.